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Q: When running the Door32 version in Local Mode, the game runs with a user name of "sysop" regardless of what I enter at the local mode name prompt.
A: This is a bug in the doorkit used to create the Door32 release of DoorMUD; it only seems to affect some systems. To use a different user name for local mode, please try the "-username" command line option. 

Q: I'm having problems getting the Door32 version of DoorMUD to run on my system, which runs Windows XP.  Any ideas?
A: Windows XP has an option to set individual programs to "Win98 Compatibility Mode".  Try setting this option for dmud32d and see if it has any effect.

Q: DoorMUD doesn't seem to run properly with multiple nodes on my Linux BBS, using DOSEMU.  Any suggestions?
A: In order to make this work, you may need to do some patching of DOSEMU.  Click here for helpful instructions written by the sysop of ChungKuo BBS (telnet://

Q: I'm trying to use the Synchronet version of DoorMUD, but I can't get it to run properly.  When a user tries to enter the door, a blank window comes up on the server and the game locks.  Why does this happen?
A: If you are getting a blank, locked-up window, this indicates that you have not properly set up DoorMUD as a Native 32-bit door in SCFG.  If you are running Sync v3.10g or later, simply set the "Native (32-bit) Executable" toggle to Yes.  If you are running an older version of Sync, you must put "dmud32" on the SCFG OS/2 Program List as described in the game's documentation -- click here for sample SCFG screenshots.  Be sure you to simply use "dmud32" (NOT "dmud32.exe") for the OS/2 list and for the game's command line.  In addition, after exiting SCFG, please remember that you must refresh your board's node configuration for changes to take effect.

Q: I've setup the Synchronet release of DoorMUD exactly as described in the documentation, but I can't get it to run. Why is this happening?
A: If the question above did not help, please e-mail me a cut-and-paste or screen capture of your DoorMUD configuration in SCFG, along with your OS/2 program list in SCFG, and I will take a look and see what's wrong. Please double-check your configuration versus the documentation first, though.  In 99% of cases, something IS definitely misconfigured and a simple look at the documentation would reveal the problem.

Q: Will you make a 32-bit version of DoorMUD for WildCat v5 (WINServer)?
A: The Door32 version of DoorMUD seems to run well on Winserver.

Q: I sometimes get illegal operation messages when running the Win32 version of DoorMUD. Is there any way to fix this?
A: Please e-mail me about the circumstances; send a log file of what was on the player's screen, if possible.

Q: How do I setup DoorMUD to run on the Worldgroup BBS software?
A: Please visit Worldgroup Doorgame Central for full information on running DoorMUD on Worldgroup.

Q: Can I use PayPal to send my registration payment electronically?
A: Yes. Click here for on-line registration information.

Q: What command line should be used for DOS DoorMUD under the Virtual Advanced BBS software?
A: Assuming that "c:\va" is the location of your BBS, try "runmud.bat /n %1 /d c:\va\temp\n%1".

Q: I want to start up a new BBS but don't know what software to use. Any recommendations?
A: For software, give Synchronet v3 a look. It's a completely free Windows-based BBS platform that has built-in telnet and FTP servers -- simply a remarkable piece of software. For dynamic DNS, give a look. To find doorgames and other BBS necessities, check out (especially the BBS archives) and

Q: How can I report bugs, crashes, etc?
A: Send an e-mail to

Q: I downloaded the DOS version of the game to play it locally, but it says I need a dropfile. How do I get it to run just in local mode?
A: To play DoorMUD locally (without a BBS), you must use "DMUD -local" at the command line. You can test out multinode play like this, but if you do so, you must pass a different node number to each copy of the game (ie "runmud -local -node 1" in one window and "runmud -local -node 2" in another). Also, you must supply different user names to each local copy of the game in this case.

Q: Can I use the Synchronet Win32 version for local play, without a BBS or from a command line?
A: No, you must have a copy of Synchronet installed on your computer to use the Win32 version, and it can only be run by telnetting into your BBS. 

Q: Do you plan on making a Linux-native version of DoorMUD?
Q: Can you make an OS/2 native version of DoorMUD?
A: No, to both of these questions. Sorry, I don't have time, resources, or knowledge to make these ports at the current time.


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