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Q: What is the current status of DoorMUD? A: DoorMUD is no longer developed or supported, and cannot be registered at this time.

Q: What is the status of this website? A: Several edits were made to this site in 2016 without the knowledge or consent of DoorMUD's author. These edits were reverted in 2020, but other files on this site may still be compromised. This site was the official DoorMUD website only from 2000 to early 2003, at which point the official site was moved to The official website is no longer online, but may return in the future. This site on should be considered an unofficial, unmaintained mirror. To be safe, please virus-scan anything downloaded from here.

Q: Is DoorMUD now freeware? A: Not officially. Please understand that MUD-style games require a decent number of players per BBS to be enjoyed as intended. Having many free-registered copies with no players would serve no purpose. If you really want to register the game anyway, or replace a previous legitimate registration, a keygen can be found elsewhere on the web if you search for it. Just beware of any readme.txt, file_id.diz, or license file bundled with the keygen, as these were not legitimately written or sanctioned by DoorMUD's author. No official statement of DoorMUD becoming freeware has ever been made, and no license permits legal redistribution of the keygen. That said, DoorMUD's author does not care if you use the keygen, as long as you have no expectations whatsoever of support, either now or in the future.

Q: I'm running Synchronet, and DoorMUD came pre-installed with the BBS software, but it isn't working. Any ideas? A: Check to see if the other pre-installed 32-bit doors work -- BlackJack and BBS List are the other Windows 32-bit ones.  If they don't work either, the culprit is probably a process-blocking firewall on your system.  This type of firewall blocks certain programs from accessing the internet.  Doors sometimes get blocked since the BBS launches them automatically, so the firewall can incorrectly assume that they are harmful programs. 
You may be running a process-blocking firewall without even knowing it -- for example, the installation of McAfee virus scanner also installs McAfee's firewall which blocks processes.  You must disable the firewall (or perhaps manually configure it to allow internet access to each of your door exe's) in order for 32-bit doors to run! You don't need to uninstall all of McAfee; just disable the firewall.

Q: I'm trying to use the Synchronet version of DoorMUD, but I can't get it to run properly.  When a user tries to enter the door, a blank window comes up on the server and the game locks.  Why does this happen? A: If you are getting a blank, locked-up window, this may indicate that you have not configured DoorMUD as a Native 32-bit door in SCFG.  If you are running Synchronet v3.10g or later, simply set the "Native (32-bit) Executable" toggle to Yes.  If you are running an older version of Sync, you must put "dmud32" on the SCFG OS/2 Program List as described in the game's documentation -- click here for sample SCFG screenshots.  Be sure you to simply use "dmud32" (NOT "dmud32.exe") for the OS/2 list and for the game's command line.

Q: When running the Door32 version in Local Mode, the game runs with a user name of "sysop" regardless of what I enter at the local mode name prompt. A: This is a bug in the doorkit used to create the Door32 release of DoorMUD; it only seems to affect some versions of Windows. To use a different user name for local mode, please try the "-username" command line option. 

Q: DoorMUD doesn't seem to run properly with multiple nodes on my Linux BBS, using DOSEMU.  Any suggestions? A: In order to make this work, you may need to do some patching of DOSEMU.  Click here for helpful instructions written by the sysop of ChungKuo BBS (telnet://

Q: Will you make a 32-bit version of DoorMUD native to WildCat 5 (WINServer)? A: Please try the Door32 version of DoorMUD; it has a native interface to WildCat's door32.dll.  

Q: How do I setup DoorMUD to run on the Worldgroup BBS software? A: Please visit Worldgroup Doorgame Central for full information on running DoorMUD on Worldgroup via a door server.  This info may be extremely out of date though.

Q: What command line should be used for DOS DoorMUD under the Virtual Advanced BBS software? A: Assuming that "c:\va" is the location of your BBS, try "runmud.bat /n %1 /d c:\va\temp\n%1".

Q: I downloaded the DOS version of the game to play it locally, but it says I need a dropfile. How do I get it to run just in local mode? A: To play DoorMUD locally (without a BBS), you must use "dmud -local" at the command line. You can test out multinode play like this, but if you do so, you must pass a different node number to each copy of the game (ie "dmud -local -node 1" in one window and "dmud -local -node 2" in another). Also, you must supply different user names to each local copy of the game in this case.