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If you're looking for an easy, inexpensive way to add tons of new games to your Worldgroup BBS, you've come to the right place! Worldgroup Doorgame Central provides step-by-step instructions on how to install Doorgames on your Worldgroup system. This will allow you to run great games like DoorMUD, TradeWars Gold, Usurper, and many others on your BBS -- without spending a fortune!

Check out some of the games you'll be able to easily run on Worldgroup:

DoorMUD -- The brand new MUD that is rapidly gaining popularity in the BBS scene. DoorMUD offers gameplay on par with Worldgroup MUDs, but at a much cheaper price. The Professional (16-user) version costs only $60 total, and includes sysop options to configure things like experience tables and game difficulty! Best of all, a full World Editor add-on for sysops is currently under development.

TradeWars Gold -- It's like Worldgroup's version of TradeWars, but it has more sysop editor features, has less bugs, and costs a LOT less. TradeWars Gold costs only $45 for an unlimited user license! Sysops can fully edit ships, planets, and aliens to completely customize the game.

Legend of the Red Dragon (LORD) -- Similar to Worldgroup T-LORD but with more features. Sysops can edit the scripts which control the game, making it highly customizable. Hundreds of add-ons for LORD are available -- no exaggeration! Best of all, the doorgame version of LORD costs only $15!

Legend of the Red Dragon II (LORD 2) -- Unlike the original, LORD 2 is an ANSI-based game that somewhat resembles Zelda in gameplay. There's even a free 3rd-party add-on pack that expands the game world to over 20 times its original size!

Usurper -- It's like LORD on steroids! Offers LORD-style combat (menu-based) but you often fight 10+ monsters at once. 100 levels, AI-controlled NPCs, gang warfare, and much more.

There are hundreds of other doorgames out there in addition to these! Of course, all of these fine games have free Demo versions available, so you can test them out first on your Worldgroup system without even paying a dime.

Interested in getting started? Click here for step-by-step instructions on setting up doorgames on Worldgroup via rlogin!

Curious about how a doorgame server looks before you set up your own? Check out telnet://lost-gonzo.com to try a free WG board running a doorgame server!


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