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Installing Doorgames

Note: You must already have your doorgame server set up before proceeding to this section. See "Setting up your Doorgame Server" if you have not already done so.

General Instructions
To add new doorgames to Synchronet's game menu, first run SCFG by selecting the BBS --> Configure menu option in Synchronet Control Panel. In SCFG, go into External Programs --> Online Programs --> Games --> Available Online Programs.

To add a new doorgame entry, hit the Insert key on your keyboard. You will be prompted for the program name (to be displayed on the BBS menu) as well as the internal code (a unique name of your choice). Then, hit Enter on the doorgame's name to edit its configuration settings. The settings here will vary depending on the door.

Remember, after exiting SCFG, you always must reload the node data (stop then start on the telnet server) in order for your config changes to take effect immediately.

For full instructions on configuring specific doorgames, click on a link below:

DoorMUD (easy to install)

Synchronet Forums / E-mail / Chat (extremely easy to install)

TradeWars 2002

Legend of the Red Dragon

Legend of the Red Dragon II


Other doorgame-related links of interest:

TpPatch.zip -- Patch for fixing Runtime Error 200 messages that come up with some older doorgames like Usurper.

Sbbsdoor.zip -- Contains brief instructions on setting up many other doors on Synchronet.

TheBBS.org Archives -- File library containing hundreds of doorgames.

www.doorgames.org -- File library containing hundreds of doorgames.



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