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Synchronet Forums / E-mail / Chat

If you are using the modified scripts contained in doorserv.zip, the External Programs / Games menu will be the only part of the Synchronet BBS that is accessible. But if you want, you can easily allow the rest of the BBS to be accessible by adding an option to the Games menu.

This will enable all of Synchronet's other features, such as e-mail, chat / teleconference, message boards, file libraries, etc. Synchronet's message board system is superior to Worldgroup's, which one reason that enabling the rest of Synchronet may be a good idea.

To do this, in SCFG go in to External Programs >> Online Programs >> Games >> Available Online Programs and then scroll to the bottom of the list. Next, hit the insert key on your keyboard. Type something like "Forums / E-mail / Chat" for the program name and "forums" for the internal code. Finally, configure the options for this program entry (scroll to it on the list and hit enter) so that it looks something like this:

¦Name                       Forums / E-mail / Chat         
¦Internal Code              FORUMS
¦Start-up Directory
¦Command Line               *sbbs
¦Clean-up Command Line
¦Execution Cost             None
¦Access Requirements
¦Execution Requirements     
¦Multiple Concurrent Users  Yes
¦Intercept I/O Interrupts   No
¦Swap BBS out of Memory     No
¦Modify User Data           No
¦Execute on Event           No
¦BBS Drop File Type         None
¦Place Drop File In         Node Directory
¦Time Options...

This will allow your users to select "Forums / E-Mail / Chat" from the doorgame menu, in order to access the rest of Synchronet's features.

You can choose different menu sets to be available to your users by using a different Command Line here. A command line of *SBBS uses Synchronet's default menu set. Other options include *MAJOR (a menu set that mimics MajorBBS/Worldgroup), *RENEGADE (RenegadeBBS clone), *PCBOARD (PcBoard clone), and *WILDCAT (WildCAT clone).

Most users will probably find *MAJOR or *RENEGADE to be the easiest to use for message/forum systems.


Adding Message Networks
With a little work, you can add message networks (FidoNet, DoveNet, Usenet newsgroups, etc) to Synchronet's forums. DoveNet is the easiest to add; modify VERT.BAT first and then read some of Synchronet's documentation for information on setting up a QWK account on the Synchronet support BBS. Adding other networks like FidoNet and Usenet may require other third-party software.





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