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Usurper can be downloaded from the official Usurper web site.

Extract the Usurper zip file to a new directory (ie, c:\usurper).

First, download USURP.CTL and put this in your Usurper directory.

Then, extract SAMPLE.CFG from Usurper's SAMPLES.ZIP and put it in the main Usurper directory. Rename SAMPLE.CFG to USURPER.CFG.

Next, download TpPatch.zip and unzip it to Usurper's directory. Then, execute "tppatch usurper.exe" and "tppatch editor.exe". This patches a bug that prevents Usurper from running on Pentium computers.

Run EDITOR.EXE and set the proper Configuration settings. Then, select Reset Game to initialize the game world.

Now, you must add Usurper to your board's games menu. In SCFG, go to External Programs -> Online Programs -> Games -> Available Online Programs and hit the insert key. Configure it as follows:

 ¦Name                       Usurper       
 ¦Internal Code              USURPER                      
 ¦Start-up Directory         C:\USURPER  <-- example only! 
 ¦Command Line               usurper /P%n
 ¦Clean-up Command Line                                   
 ¦Execution Cost             None                         
 ¦Access Requirements                                     
 ¦Execution Requirements                                  
 ¦Multiple Concurrent Users  Yes                          
 ¦Intercept I/O Interrupts   No                           
 ¦Swap BBS out of Memory     Yes                           
 ¦Modify User Data           No                           
 ¦Execute on Event           No                           
 ¦BBS Drop File Type         GAP             DOOR.SYS     
 ¦Place Drop File In         Node Directory               
 ¦Time Options...

Be sure to set the "start-up directory" to whatever directory you put your Usurper files in.

After these steps have been completed, be sure to refresh the board's node data so that the config changes take effect immediately.

The first time you enter Usurper, you might find that it freezes on you. Simply kill Usurper's DOS display window and enter the game again; it shouldn't freeze after the first time.





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