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DoorMUD (Win32 Version)

The 32-bit version of DoorMUD is very easy to install because it is made specifically for Synchronet. Simply follow these steps:

Step 1: Download dmud097s.zip (298k) and extract it to a new directory (for example, c:\sbbs\xtrn\doormud). 

Step 2: Run SCFG by selecting BBS -> Configure in the Synchronet console, and then do the following:
  • In SCFG, select External Programs -> OS/2 Program List and hit the insert key on your keyboard. Type "DMUD32" and then hit enter. Select "No" for the "Comm Port" toggle. (DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP! If you skip it, DoorMUD won't run properly! You need to do this so that Synchronet properly recognizes DoorMUD as a 32-bit door)
  • Then, go to External Programs -> Online Programs -> Games -> Available Online Programs and hit the insert key. Use "DoorMUD" for the program name and internal code. Now, configure DoorMUD as follows:

     ¦Name                       DoorMUD          
     ¦Internal Code              DOORMUD                      
     ¦Start-up Directory         C:\SBBS\XTRN\DOORMUD  <-- example only! 
     ¦Command Line               dmud32 -nointro              
     ¦Clean-up Command Line                                   
     ¦Execution Cost             None                         
     ¦Access Requirements                                     
     ¦Execution Requirements                                  
     ¦Multiple Concurrent Users  Yes                          
     ¦Intercept I/O Interrupts   No                           
     ¦Swap BBS out of Memory     No                           
     ¦Modify User Data           No                           
     ¦Execute on Event           No                           
     ¦BBS Drop File Type         Synchronet      XTRN.DAT     
     ¦Place Drop File In         Node Directory               
     ¦Time Options...

    Be sure to set the "start-up directory" to whatever directory you put your DoorMUD files in.

    When selecting the Synchronet XTRN.DAT dropfile type, set "use real names" to "no" in order for inter-node paging to properly display a user's alias.

    After this step has been completed, exit SCFG.

Step 3:
Refresh the board's node/config data by hitting the stop button on the telnet server, then hit the play button to turn the telnet server back on. You must do this in order for DoorMUD to be immediately visible on your board's game menu.

Step 4: Log on to your BBS with a Sysop account and enter the door. The first time the Sysop (security level 90+ in Synchronet) enters the door, you will be prompted for your real name. This is needed for registration purposes. After doing this, the game is now completely set up and ready for your users to play.


DoorMUD demo information:
DoorMUD is shareware. The free demo version does not ever expire, but it only allows players to train up to level 7.

A basic DoorMUD registration costs $20. This allows for up to 4 simultaneous players.

The DoorMUD Professional add-on costs an additional $40 (ie, the cost of a basic registration plus the Pro add-on is $60 total). This allows for up to 16 simultaneous players, and adds extra sysop configuration options such as experience table settings, game difficulty mode, and more.

For full information on DoorMUD registration and DoorMUD add-ons, please see http://dmud.thebbs.org/sysop.htm. If you decide that you wish to purchase a DoorMUD registration, there is a link you can use to purchase the game on-line over a secure connection.


For additional information on DoorMUD, please consult DoorMUD's documentation file (readme.txt) as well as the official DoorMUD web site.




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