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DoorMUD v0.99 File Downloads

Platform File Description
(Sync v3 for Win32)
DMUD099S.ZIP (310k) 

o  Exclusively for Synchronet's XTRN.DAT drop file. 

o  Supports Synchronet global commands, such as inter-node paging (control-p) and online user list (control-u).

o  Built as a native 32-bit Windows program.

(Windows: Mystic, EleBBS,  GameSrv)
Wildcat WINServer
DMUD099D.ZIP (394k)

o  Supports door32.sys for Mystic, EleBBS, and GameSrv.

o  Also offers native WINServer support via DLL interface

o  Built as a native 32-bit Windows program.

(All standard dropfiles)
DMUD099.ZIP (318k)

o  Supports door.sys, dorinfo*.def, chain.txt, and four other dropfiles

o  Auto-detects and uses FOSSIL driver if present, but not required (if no FOSSIL found, uses built-in serial I/O)

o  Smoothly supports use of telnet servers (COM/IP, Netmodem, etc) on any comm port up through COM99.

Worldgroup n/a

o  Please see this site for instructions on running DoorMUD on the Worldgroup BBS software.


World Editor v0.99  (add-on)
Requires DoorMUD v0.99 and a basic DoorMUD registration. 
Unregistered sysops, please feel free to check out
screenshots and documentation of the Editor.  

WORLD099.ZIP (402k) -- Includes 16-bit and 32-bit versions of the World Editor, version 0.99. 


Upgrading to DoorMUD v0.99 from a previous release: simply download the appropriate platform of the new version and extract the zip into your existing DoorMUD directory.

Important: If you previously installed the World Editor in v0.98, be sure to download the new World Editor v0.99 as well.


DoorMUD v0.99 Information:

  • Free demo version allows training up through level 7, allowing users to get a good feel for the game.
  • Registration is not officially available at this time. 
  • Real-time multinode interaction -- players can easily communicate with each other on-line, and can join up in teams to defeat more difficult monsters.
  • Lots of innovative sysop-friendly features to make your life easier, including automatic daily backups and the ability to un-do game resets.
  • Large game world consisting of 2140 total rooms.
  • Released 8/30/03.

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