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DoorMUD v0.99 File Downloads
Platform File Description
(Sync v3 for Win32)
DMUD099S.ZIP (298k)  DoorMUD v0.99 for Synchronet's XTRN.DAT drop file. Built as a native 32-bit Windows program. Very easy to install. Supports Synchronet global commands, such as inter-node paging (control-p) and online user list (control-u).
(WildCat WinServer,
Mystic for Win32,
EleBBS for Win32)
DMUD099D.ZIP (385k) DoorMUD v0.99 for DOOR32.SYS drop file. Built as a native 32-bit Windows program. Works with WildCat! Winserver, Mystic, and EleBBS 32-bit versions.
DOS DMUD099.ZIP (332k) DoorMUD v0.99 for DOS. Supports all common dropfile formats. Can use built-in serial I/O, or can perform I/O through use of a fossil driver. Smoothly supports use of telnet servers (NetModem, NetSerial, COM/IP, etc) on any comm port up through COM99.
DOS, Windows WORLD099.ZIP (411k) DoorMUD World Editor. Modify and expand almost any aspect of DoorMUD's game world.
DOS (for all versions) DMUDKEY.ZIP (27k) DoorMUD Key Generator. DoorMud is officially released to the public. Source code will not be made available.
Worldgroup n/a Please see for instructions on running DoorMUD on the Worldgroup BBS software.



DoorMUD v0.99 Information:
  • The demo mode allows training up through level 7, allowing users to get a good feel for the game. Registration is now free.
  • Real-time multinode interaction -- players can easily communicate with each other on-line, and can join up in teams to defeat more difficult monsters.
  • Lots of innovative sysop-friendly features to make your life easier, including automatic daily backups and the ability to un-do game resets.
  • Large game world consisting of 2140 total rooms.
  • DOS and Synchronet versions released 8/1/01.
  • Door32 version released 1/16/02.



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