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Updated 8/10/2000. Newer questions are shown in light blue.

Q: Sometimes when I enter an area, I get a message about a chill running down my spine. What does this mean?
A: It's a warning that the level you are entering is designed for higher level characters. Type "where" to see the exact recommended level range for the area. You can certainly try it at lower levels if you want, but be careful, the monsters may be harder than what you're used to.

Q: I heard there's a way to use the arrow keys for movement. How does this work?
A: Type "preferences" and then select the option to allow number-pad movement. As long as NUM LOCK on your keyboard is ON, you will now be able to use the numeric keypad for movement, ie "8" for north, "6" for east, etc. You can also now use "+" for up, "-" for down, and "5" (the center key) for attack.

Q: I want to do the gnome nobleman's quest but I can't find the cloaked figure. Where is he?
A: The cloaked figure is in a room that you must be level 5+ to enter, so don't start looking until then. He also only respawns every 5 days, so keep that in mind.

Q: My terminal program acts very strangely in DoorMUD, any idea what is happening?
A: You may be using a terminal or telnet client such as MegaMUD that has automatic triggers/macros that are tuned to another specific MUD. This is confusing your terminal; try disabling these triggers.

Q: When I try to create a character, the game won't let me enter a name! Why does this happen?
A: Your terminal program uses nonstandard carriage return / line feed settings. Please try a different terminal program when playing DoorMUD.

Q: All the money I was carrying vanished! What happened?
A: Another on-line player probably robbed you.

Q: I noticed that a couple items on the item list are noted to raise "movement rate". What does this mean?
A: All characters can normally only move a certain number of times per round. This rate varies per area; encumbrance is also a factor. Items that increase your movement rate simply allow you to move more times per round.

Q: I keep dying a lot. How do I regain lost hitpoints?
A: Type "rest" to put your character into resting mode. While resting, you regain hitpoints every round. However, you cannot rest in combat.

Q: Why doesn't the "map" command work in most areas?
A: The map command only works in towns and in the Forest. This is so that the sense of exploration in the game is not ruined. For maps of every area, please see the area maps page on this site.

Q: Why won't some of the NPCs talk to me? They keep saying to come back in a couple days.
A: These NPCs have quests for players to do. However, these quests may only be done once every couple days, to prevent the quest reward items from becoming too common.

Q: Are the secret rooms shown on the area maps?
A: No. Secret rooms have intentionally been left off the maps on this site. This is to add a sense of discovery to the game.

Q: Where are the quest weapon located?
A: You will have to discover this for yourself. You will have to do some searching in the mid-level areas (ie, levels 8 to 15). Use common sense to figure out where to search -- there are clues.

Q: How do I cross the ocean near Arcadia or enter the Arcadia Slums?
A: Once you reach level 12, talk to the Captain of the Guard in Arcadia. You will then be allowed to enter these new areas.

Q: The spells "charm" and "raise dead", along with the Ring of Necromancy spell, do not seem to affect some monsters. Is this a bug?
A: No. Bosses that take a day or more to regenerate are immune to charm- and raisedead-type effects.

Q: I have ideas regarding how to improve the game. Can I send them to you?
A: You can send any ideas that involve changes to game mechanics, but please do not send ideas for new areas, spells, classes, etc. I'll read any ideas you suggest, but I make no guarantee that I will eventually use them.

Q: I'm paralyzed in a room and there are no monsters here. How can I get un-paralyzed?
A: Wait a while for the effect to wear off naturally in real-time.

Q: When do you reach "heavy" encumbrance? What about "medium"?
A: You become "heavy" when you have 50% of your maximum encumbrance. When you are heavy, your armor class is reduced, your stealth is decreased, you have a harder time outrunning monsters, and you cannot move quickly. As for "medium", this is just a warning that your encumbrance is getting high; the only actual effect is a slight decrease in stealth.

Q: How do I complete the Elven Messenger's quest?
A: The Elven Messenger doesn't really have a quest. If you notice, he dies before he gives you any sort of message to deliver.

Q: On the web page area list, I see an area called "The Courts of Chaos" but I can't seem to find this area. Where is it?
A: The only way to enter the Courts is to get a Chaos Charm, WEAR it, and then USE it. You may do this once per day to teleport to the Courts of Chaos, but you must be level 5 or higher. The charm is dropped by the Gypsy Tribeleader.

Q: How do I enter Elder Havenwood Forest?
A: In the one-room cave that is located south of Ancalador, the exit will be visible only if you have talked to a certain NPC first.

Q: On the web page's boss list, there is a boss called the High Imperial Kingpriest. How do I find him?
A: You will have to discover this for yourself. Hint: You can't even see the exit into his room unless you meet certain requirements.

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