Level Area
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Boss Monsters
Town Tolaria  
1-2 The Forest brigand leader, orc chieftain
Town Ancalador cloaked figure, high imperial kingpriest
2-4 Catacombs zombie master, werewolf
2-4 Havenwood sasquatch, gypsy tribeleader
2-4 Murky Caverns mad dwarf leader, abomination
5-7 Halls of the Dead deathknight, grim reaper
5-7 Elder Havenwood master of the hunt, headless horseman
5-7 Courts of Chaos demon prince, medusa
5-9 Gloomy Bayou Grendel
8-9 Central Empires goblin king, imperial patrolman, deranged templar
Town Arcadia  
9-11 Infernal Keep dragon ogre, infernal champion, banshee, infernal denizen
9-11 Ancient Cave minotaur, thunderlord titan, cyclops, two-headed giant
12-14 Great Pyramid greater mummy, lich, bone dragon, vampire lord
13-15 Arcadia Slums hobgoblin slumlord, greater demon
13-15 Sand Temple high bishop, avatar of light
14-16 Cursed Village crazed sheriff, dark djinni, ancient master
Town Hades  
16-20 Dragon Cave silver dragon, hydra, dragon king, dragon queen
18-20 Dungeon of the Damned shadow lord, angel of death, champion of order, warmaster of chaos
21-23 Sand Dunes burningman, rock hydra
21-23 The Tundra leviathan, high imperial magus
21-25 The Eye of Chaos bloodthirster, demon king, diamond juggernaut, dark demigod, avatar of chaos

Note: All area maps reflect layouts for the most recent version of DoorMUD only.

Download text maps
Click the above link to download a single file that contains all of the maps in text format.
These text maps are slightly outdated and only reflect areas in DoorMUD v0.96.

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