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crimson sickle headless horseman One-handed edged weapon, good criticals and accuracy.
ebony scythe grim reaper Two-handed edged weapon, randomly casts weakness.
emerald mace medusa One-handed blunt weapon, raises max SP.
serpentine staff medusa Excellent mage-only weapon.
snakeskin gloves medusa Excellent monk-only weapon.
obsidian halberd ancient prisoner Unique Gladiator quest weapon. Slowly heals the user.
mithril greataxe ancient prisoner Unique Warrior quest weapon. Can stun an enemy for two rounds.
celestial broadsword ancient prisoner Unique Paladin quest weapon. Small chance of frying your enemy for extreme damage.
dragonbone warhammer ancient prisoner Unique Cleric quest weapon. Raises max spellpoints. High stun chance.
ruby demonblade ancient prisoner Unique Thief quest weapon. Great backstabs. Sometimes inflicts damage on all monsters in the room.
fang dagger ancient prisoner Unique Bard quest weapon. Small chance of giving the enemy a fatal illness.
lightning claws ancient prisoner Unique Monk quest weapon. Randomly gets extra attacks.
bladed staff ancient prisoner Unique Warlock quest weapon. Chance of greatly decreasing enemy's accuracy by stabbing them in the eyes.
ivory runestaff ancient prisoner Unique Mage quest weapon. Large boost to armor class, also raises max spellpoints.
shadowsteel naginata ancient prisoner Unique Ninja quest weapon. Small random chance of completely healing you.
arquebus ancient prisoner Unique Shaman quest weapon. Hits for extremely high damage, but only fires every other round.
nature's hand ancient prisoner Unique Druid quest weapon. Can drain hitpoints from the enemy.
titanic warhammer two-headed giant One-handed blunt weapon, good accuracy and can stun.
executioner axe infernal denizen Two-handed edged weapon, good accuracy and criticals.
shadow dagger vampire lord Low damage, but can give the enemy a disease. Usable by mages. Good backstab damage for thieves.
dragonblade dragon queen Two-handed edged weapon. Small chance of elemental blast. Limited to 1 per game.
infernal longsword angel of death Usable by evil-aligned Thieves, Bards, Shamans, Paladins, and Warlocks. Can drain hitpoints from an enemy. Limited to 1 per game.
shimmering claymore angel of death Usable by good- and neutral-aligned Thieves, Bards, Shamans, Paladins, and Warlocks. Does damage to all monsters in room. Limited to 1 per game.
hydra tail rock hydra Two-handed blunt weapon. Extremely high damage and capable of long stunning, but somewhat inaccurate.
sapphire rod high imperial magus Light weapon (usable by all classes) -- good damage for Mages and Druids. Large bonus to AC and max SP.
netherworld scepter demon king One-handed blunt weapon -- good damage for Clerics, and good backstabs for Thieves. Very accurate, and raises max SP.
bone sword demon king One-handed edged weapon. Fast, and hits for good damage.
hellblade avatar of chaos Usable by evil-aligned characters. 
blade of destiny quest Usable by good-aligned characters. 
Note about weapon damage: You can determine the amount of damage a weapon inflicts by looking at it in the game ("look <item name>"). This will show the exact damage range for the weapon at your level.




mystical robes demon prince torso Good light-class armor; increases intellect. Only usable by mages, priests, monks, and ninjas.
elven chainmail master of the hunt torso Good medium-class armor; increases dexterity. Very light-weight. Only usable by thieves, gladiators, bards, and shamans.
centaurhide tunic quest torso Good medium-class armor; increases health. Available through the Ancalador Armory Shopkeeper's quest to most classes.
blackened platemail deathknight torso Good heavy-class armor; increases strength. Only usable by warriors, paladins, and warlocks.
golden robes shop torso Excellent light-class armor.
golden chainmail shop torso Excellent medium-class armor.
golden platemail shop torso Excellent heavy-class armor.
ethereal robes burningman torso The best light-class armor in the game; raises max hitpoints.
demon hide bloodthirster torso The best medium-class armor in the game; raises accuracy.
leviathan scale leviathan torso The best heavy-class armor in the game; raises magic resistance.
emerald ring orc chieftain finger +1 AC. Limited to 3 per game.
ring of warlords thunderlord titan finger +1 strength, +1 health.
ruby-studded ring infernal champion finger +1 intellect, +1 dexterity.
ring of necromancy lich finger Can cast animate dead up to 3 times per day.
imperial ring deranged templar finger Raises AC, accuracy, critical hit chance, and max SP.
onyx ring quest (finger) Raises AC, accuracy, magic res, and movement rate. Extremely rare (usually only one per game).
golden bracers quest, or deranged templar arms Increases hitpoint regen rate.
serpent bracers dragon queen arms +1 AC. Large increase to hitpoint regen rate. Only usable by Monks. Limited to 1 per game.
elven cloak quest, or crazed sheriff back Increases magic resistance.
imperial cloak deranged templar back Increases health and intellect.
dwarven boots quest feet Increases movement rate.
imperial boots deranged templar feet Increases dexterity and strength.
jewelled belt quest, or dark djinni waist Increases max hitpoints. Only available to non-magic-users.
silver belt shop waist +2 AC.
amulet of healing shop (neck) Can heal the user up to 3 times per day.
malachite necklace quest, or dark djinni neck Increases max spellpoints. Only available to magic-users.
sacred ankh greater mummy neck Use to negate invulnerability spells that some monsters cast.
platinum necklace shop neck +2 AC.
glowing pendant dragon queen neck +1 AC. Increases max spellpoints. Only usable by Mages and Clerics. Limited to 1 per game.
chaos charm gypsy tribeleader (forehead) May be used once per day to teleport to the Courts of Chaos.
rune of power high imperial kingpriest, or dark demigod forehead Increases movement rate. May be used one time per day to drain a high number of hitpoints from all monsters in the room. Limited to 2 per game.
mithril crown quest forehead +1 AC. Raises max hitpoints.
rune of legends ancient master forehead Greatly increases max hitpoints. Limited to 3 per game.
crescent earring quest ear +2 AC. Good-aligned characters only.
mark of order quest ear Raises several stats. Good-aligned characters only. Limited to 1 per game.
black nosering quest nose +2 AC. Evil-aligned characters only.
mark of chaos quest nose Raises several stats. Evil-aligned characters only. Limited to 1 per game.
gauntlets of might shop hands Increases max encumbrance. Use up to 3 times per day to temporarily increase damage and strength.
gauntlets of annihilation shop hands Can inflict heavy damage on the room up to 3 times per day. Neutral-aligned characters only.
shimmering rod shop off-hand Casts a party healing spell up to 3 times per day. Good-aligned characters only.
diamond bracelet shop wrist Increases accuracy and crit chance.
ivory bracelet shop wrist Can cast Charm up to 3 times per day. Evil-aligned characters only.
mark of heroes quest wrist Raises several stats and casts a powerful spell once per day.
Note about armor class: To see how much a piece of armor will raise your armor class, look at it in the game ("look <item name>").
Note about armor locations: Some armor does not fill up its location; for example, you can wear an onyx ring and one other ring at the same time. Armor like this has its location listed in parentheses.




sasquatch foot Trade to the King of the Elves for a reward.
zombie master head Trade to the Mayor in Ancalador for a reward.
mad dwarf crown Trade to the Dwarven Emperor for a reward.
stolen artifacts Trade to the Gnome Nobleman for a reward.
huge centaur hide Trade to the shopkeeper in the Ancalador armor shop, along with 50 gold, to get a centaurhide tunic.
golden talisman For the Onyx Ring quest.
crystal of sss'ra For the Onyx Ring quest.
emerald chalice For the Onyx Ring quest.
avatar's head Trade to the Dark Priest for a reward. Must be evil-aligned.
flaming demon skull Trade to the Captain of the Guard for a reward. Must be good-aligned.
arm of Grendel Trade to the Dwarven Lord for a reward.
great dragon fang Needed for the Ancient Master's blessing.
monstrous horn Needed for the Ancient Master's blessing.
aspect of chaos Trade to the Champion of Order  (must be good-aligned)
champion of order's head Trade to the Warmaster of Chaos (must be evil-aligned).
warmaster's head Trade to the Champion of Order (must be good-aligned).




skull key abomination Opens door to Halls of the Dead. You must be at least level 5+ to use this.
cell key werewolf Opens the door to the cell of the elven messenger.
runic key granite golem Opens door to the quest weapons. Limited to 12 per game.
gate pass imperial patrolman Allows entrance to Arcadia.
stone key minotaur Opens the door to the Thunderlord Titan.
crimson key dragon ogre Opens the door to the Infernal Champion.
obsidian key hobgoblin slumlord Opens the door to the Greater Demon.
shimmering key high bishop Opens the door to the Avatar of Light.
dragonbone key silver dragon Opens the door to the lower level of the Dragon Cave, and also opens the door to the Dungeon of the Damned. You must be level 18+ to use this.




throwing knife orc scout
brigand leader
Hits for a small amount of damage in-between the round. Has 3 uses.
healing potion brigand leader Heals a small amount of hitpoints.
orc battle potion orc chieftain Heals you slightly, and for a short period of time increases your damage and your crit rate, but also makes you confused.
potion of restoration medusa
(Also for sale in several shops)
Heals you slightly; also cures paralysis, disease, confusion, blindness, and other harmful conditions.
scroll of return demon prince Teleports you to the Temple of Ancalador.
divine potion high imperial kingpriest
(Also for sale in several shops)
Raises accuracy, crits, and damage; negates harmful effects of several spells; heals you; and allows you to see invisible creatures.
invisibility potion shop Greatly increases armor class and makes you invisible to other players.
anti-magic potion shop Greatly increases magic resistance.
illegal narcotics drug dealer Gives a long-lasting bonus to critical hits and max spellpoints, but also makes you confused and hurts you a little upon drinking it. Gives extra attacks for the round after it is used. Has 3 uses.
magic lamp quest Teleports you to the Dark Djnni's room.
dark crystal dark djinni Inflicts heavy damage on the room, but also greatly injures the user. Neutral and Evil characters only. Limited to 3 per game.
lump of coal quest Negates an enemy's chance of getting critical hits.



Notes about obtaining magical items:
  • Most magical items will only drop for characters that can use the item. For example, a serpentine staff will only ever drop from the Medusa if a Mage helped in the killing.

  • Some items are level-restricted.  Most items which are level-restricted won't drop until you are high enough level to use them (for example, Elven Chainmail won't drop until level 5+).

  • Most magical items will only drop from a given monster once per day.



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