DoorMUD Add-ons

If you wish to purchase any DoorMUD add-ons, please use the same ordering instructions as found in DoorMUD's documentation

In order to use any DoorMUD add-ons, you must also have a basic DoorMUD registration. If you don't already have a registered copy of DoorMUD, you can order a registration and add-on(s) at the same time, if desired. 

If you have any questions about the add-ons or how to order them, please send an e-mail to


DoorMUD Professional add-on

DoorMUD Professional is intended for larger boards with very active DoorMUD games. It adds the following features to DoorMUD:

  • Increases the max user count to 16 users, meaning that 16 people can play DoorMUD at the same time on your BBS. (Please note that hardware and memory restrictions may effectively reduce this number on some systems, especially with the DOS version of DoorMUD)

  • Adds a sysop option to customize DoorMUD's experience point tables. This allows you to control how quickly players can gain levels. Higher experience table settings make the game much more playable with higher Monster Fight settings.

  • Adds an optional "hard" difficulty mode that makes DoorMUD more challenging. When in "hard" mode, monsters have more hitpoints, hit for more damage, and respawn at a faster rate; resting players heal hitpoints more slowly; gold is slightly more scarce; and fewer areas are level-restricted. These changes make DoorMUD more difficult on larger boards, where players frequently join up in groups to defeat monsters.

  • Adds a sysop option to configure the level range for player-vs-player combat, or disable it entirely if desired.

For a preview of DoorMUD Professional's sysop documentation, click here. This will give you a full explanation of how DoorMUD Professional's features work.

Most smaller hobbyist boards will NOT need DoorMUD Professional. You will probably only need this add-on if you want to run a MUD-oriented BBS where DoorMUD is frequently in use by many players at the same time. 

DoorMUD Professional is marketed as an add-on, meaning that you must also have a basic DoorMUD registration in order to use it. DoorMUD Professional costs $40 US. Remember, if you wish to buy DoorMUD Professional but you do not already have a basic registration, you should order both at the same time for $60 US ($20 for basic registration and $40 for DoorMUD Professional).

Click here for information on ordering DoorMUD professional on-line.



World Editor add-on

This add-on will allow you, the sysop, to edit and add to the DoorMUD game world through use of special implementor commands. Almost any aspect of the game can be edited -- players, monsters, rooms, items, spells, quests, and more! You can even assign other trusted users of your BBS to be implementors as well.

The DoorMUD world editor has not yet been released. When it is available, it will be free for registered sysops.  Click here for early previews/screenshots.



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