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Sysops, click here to download DoorMUD v0.99!
Now also available for door32.sys platforms!

DoorMUD is a free, high-quality MUD (multi-user dungeon) that will run on any BBS software capable of running doorgames. DoorMUD features fast-paced real-time combat, excellent multinode interaction, a high-powered command interface and a huge game world with over 2100+ rooms for players to explore. It is actively supported, with new versions coming out on a regular basis. A World Editor add-on is also in the works, allowing Sysops to modify the game  world and create your own new dungeons, quests, artifacts, and more! 

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  • [8/30/03] -- Released DoorMud verson 0.99. Many new additions to the World Editor. Monsters now rest in real-time when players aren't in the room.   Available for download from the sysop page.

  • [6/01/02] -- Released DoorMud verson 0.98. Added support for the World Editor add-on. Added more room clues. Fixed several bugs.   Available for download from the sysop page.

  • [1/20/02] -- Released revision B of the Door32.sys version of DoorMUD. This revision adds Wildcat Winserver setup info and batch file, and also should fix one or two minor compatibility issues.  Available for download from the sysop page.

  • [1/16/02] -- DoorMUD v0.97 has been ported to Door32.sys platforms, such as Mystic BBS! This release is still in beta testing, but can be publicly downloaded from the sysop page

  • [1/16/02] -- Completely re-did the hypertext sysop docs. It's now much easier to read, and has several configuration screenshots.

  • [12/02/01] -- Maps of every area are now available -- New maps for the Cursed Village and Tundra were submitted by Fluffy.



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