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Setup for DOS release

Step 1: Copy the file RUNMUD.BAT to wherever you usually put door batch files -- typically, your main BBS directory.

Step 2: Edit RUNMUD.BAT so that the directories used are correct for your system. Remarks in the file will tell you which lines to fix.

Step 3: Run CONFIG.EXE in DoorMUD's directory. More info on CONFIG.EXE can be found in the next section.

Step 4: Set up your BBS so it runs DoorMUD by calling RUNMUD.BAT. 

  • You must pass the node number and location of the dropfile to the batch file, as follows:

         runmud.bat -n # -d XXX

    where # is the node number, and XXX is the location of the dropfile. For example, if the caller is on node 2 and the dropfile is at "c:\bbs\node2", you would want the BBS to call "runmud.bat -n 2 -d c:\bbs\node2".

    Most BBS systems can automate the above process with special flags. For example, a system running Renegade BBS should be set to use "runmud.bat -n %n -d %o". Renegade automatically replaces "%n" with the node number and "%o" with the dropfile location.

    Please consult the documentation for your BBS software to determine what flags to use in order to properly pass the node number and dropfile location.

After these steps have been completed, test out DoorMUD to make sure it is running properly. Testing the game remotely is recommended, but if you want just try it out locally. To run DoorMUD in local mode, use the syntax "dmud /l /node 1" -- note that for local (non-BBS) play use DMUD.EXE directly instead of calling RUNMUD.BAT.


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