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Setup for Door32 release

Step 1: Set up your BBS so it runs DoorMUD by calling DMUD32D.EXE. You must pass the node number and location of the dropfile to the program, as follows:

     dmud32d.exe -n # -d XXX

where # is the node number, and XXX is the location of the dropfile. 

Most BBS systems can automate the above process with special flags. Shown below are example command lines for specific software.

  • WildCat Winserver configuration under Win NT/2K: 
    You must run DoorMUD through a batch file.  Copy WCMUD.BAT from your DoorMUD directory to whatever directory you normally put door batch files, and edit it as directed in the batch file's comments. Then, configure your BBS to run DoorMUD as follows:

  • WildCat Winserver configuration under Win 95/98/ME: 
    You will need to call DMUD32D.EXE directly, rather than using a batch file.  The command line will probably be:
         c:\doormud\dmud32d.exe -n %wcnodeid% -d c:\doors\node%wcnodeid%
    That is, assuming c:\doormud is your DoorMUD directory and c:\doors\node# is where your BBS puts its dropfiles. This setup has not yet been fully tested. If you find the correct command line for running DoorMUD on Winserver under Windows 95/98/ME, please email so that these docs can be updated.

  • Mystic BBS configuration: 

    Please note that the original release of Mystic v1.07 had a bug that prevents Door32 games from working properly. You must have Mystic v1.07.2 or later in order for DoorMUD to run.

  • EleBBS:
    The command line should probably be:
         c:\doormud\dmud32d.exe -n *N -d c:\ele\NODE*N\door32.sys *W
    But this may or not work properly depending on your version of EleBBS and which flavor of Windows you are running. If you are using a recent private testing version of EleBBS, try replacing the *W with *Y, which may work better. 
    Also, you may need to lower the value for Modem >> Telnet >> Start Node# in ELCONFIG since DoorMUD does not support node numbers higher than 99.
    If you find the correct command line for running DoorMUD on EleBBS, please email so that these docs can be updated.

Step 2: To finish the installation, you must run the door in local mode by executing "dmud32d.exe -l". The game will automatically finish its installation the first time you run it in local mode.


*** Important Note for users of Windows 95, 98, and ME ***
The Door32 version of DoorMUD *cannot* be run from a batch file on these systems. Please be sure to run dmud32d.exe directly. The door will automatically change to its own directory on start-up, and change back to the proper BBS directory upon exiting, so there is no need for a batch file anyway.

*** Getting DLL errors or strange lockups? ***
For whatever reason, some combinations of operating systems and BBS software do not allow Door32 programs to run. This seems to occur most commonly under Windows XP, but may occur on others sometimes as well. In Windows XP, try using the "Win98 Compatibility Mode" option and see if that allows the game to run.  In any case, if the Door32 version won't run properly at all, please try the DOS version instead.


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